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The Sierra Nevada Forest 2010 GIS satellite image is fully interactive. A small version of it is represented on the right. The actual hard copy is nearly thirty feet tall and the online version nearly sixteen feet tall.

We plan to revise and archive a new map each year. This map shows ALL clearcuts present in 2010 in one view...the best visual tool to date!

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are automatically integrated and there is a scroll/zoom tool below the lower left corner of the map.

Email us for a disc of a HIGH REZ version of this online version (printable 200 dpi). Or if you can handle a 1.32 Gigabyte download, click here.

Sections of the map are being produced to accomodate the needs of concerned citizens and non-profits in different counties along the Sierra range. Below is the collection to date of the sections produced. To inquire about getting a high resolution sectional map mailed to you, email here.



the Battlecreek Alliance

Forests Forever

Stop Clearcutting California

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We would like to thank the ESRI Conservation Program (ECP), for granting SOL Communications the GIS software used to create this map product.  The interactive map depicts Sierra Nevada clear cutting at a 1:53,000 scale.  World imagery was acquired from Arc GIS Online.  A 42 X 72 mile grid was derived from the SNEP Boundary using the data driven pages tool, and exported as a shapefile feature class.  Data Source- Projected Coordinate System: North_America_Equidistant_Conic.  Geographic Coordinate System: GCS_North_American_1983. 

The map was printed in thirteen (52” X 92”) sections on waterproof, trade show quality, glare free photo paper.   The map was original presented at the Shasta County Watershed Festival, The Sierra Nevada Alliance annual conference and various other environmental events in California during 2011 year.  Parts of the map and the online version have been viewed by state officials thru the office of John Laird, Resource Director for the state of California. The map is being used as the primary visual evidence in a multi-organization campaign to stop clearcutting in California.


sierra nevada clearcutting

The full range Sierra Nevada forest image shows clearcutting deforestation like it has never been seen before. The accumulated impact of the timber practice is clear. View how previous cuts border new cuts.

CARB clearcutting sierra nevada clearcutting
Early versions of our GIS maps at the California Air Resources Board The Grand Sierra Map being assembled for the first time

Amador / Calaveras / Tuolumne
For Ebbetts Pass Forest Watch

ebbetts pass clearcutting

24x36 inch 2.7mb online file (not for print)

The Battle Creek Watershed
Shasta / Tehema

ebbetts pass clearcutting

High Rez 28.5 mb PDF download

Big Bend (Shasta County)
ebbetts pass clearcutting